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We love to read, and you?

#RioDesignLeblon  has a good story to tell you. Get a free book in our library and enjoy reading.


Wheelchair and stroller are available!

If you need a wheelchair or a stroller, go to the Concierge or ask one of our security guards. These services are free for you. 
Mondays  to Saturdays from 10am to 10pm. 
Sundays and holidays: 9am to 9pm.



Security for you inside the mall.

You can find a 24Hours box underground so you can make withdrawals and transactions with comfort and security.


Lost and Found

Did you forgot something in Rio Design Leblon?

Misplaced an item during your visit? This service is found at the Concierge, where properties are kept for two months.
Location: 1st Floor.


Storage Service

You don't need to carry heavy bags!

The storage service is one more amenity available at the Rio Design so as to make your shopping time a pleasant and comfortable experience. It is at the Concierge, located on the 1st floor. Keeping your belongings safe is our mission here.


Family Facility

The Family Facility is a space where you will find changing station, breastfeeding room, a child´s bathroom and other amenities.

Our Family Facility is cozy. It was created especially to provide you complete peace of mind and safety when you need to take care of your child. There you find a changing station, breastfeeding room, a child´s bathroom and other amenities, in addition to having a specialized staff to help with anything you need. More courtesy of Rio Design Leblon for you, our customer. Location: 3rd floor

Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 10pm
Sundays and holidays: 3pm to 10pm.


Do you want to take your breakfast in Rio Design Leblon? Our doors are open at 9am.

On weekends, Rio Design Leblon opens the doors early, at 9am, to get their clients to the best breakfast restaurant in the neighborhood: Cafeína.

Dogs Welcome

At Rio Design Leblon your dog is our guest.

Rio Design Barra is pet friendly. Admission of small and medium dogs is permitted; restriction applies at the restaurant area.


Do you want to access the Internet? Use our wi-fi.

Wherever you are at the shopping mall, you have the freedom to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi for free.
Search for "Wi Fi Rio Design Leblon", register and surf the web for up to four hours daily.


You will find comfort and facility at Concierge, in the first floor at Rio Design Leblon.

At the Concierge we offer a wide range of exclusive services to suit your shopping needs. When shopping, we want you to benefit from all the comfort you need to relax.
There, you will find a lost and found, a storage area, a pet-car and wheelchair services.

Phone: (21) 3206-9110
Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 10pm
Sundays and holidays: 9am to 9pm.